[lubuntu-users] Testing LTS-Bionic-Beaver-18.04/Ubuntu/20190205 - Installer fails

Ian Bruntlett ian.bruntlett at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 18:47:14 UTC 2019


I downloaded the 20190205 iso, put it on USB flash drive using "Startup
Disc Creator" and set about installing it on my Dell Dimension E520 Tower
PC (64 bit).

This is what happened. Booted from flash drive and its LED started
flashing, indicating activity. Then, at the bottom of the screen, a picture
of a keyboard and a person appeared. Drive's LED light continued to flash,
with the screen eventually switching to all black.

This is what I was trying to install:-
9657b34d039b6f8ab57932d59afca495  bionic-desktop-amd64.iso

Any suggestions?



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