[lubuntu-users] Cosmic Lu - NEXT 18.10 -- bug reports filed

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 00:11:59 UTC 2018


Thanks for the reply, responses below:

> If we interpret "Lu Next" to mean "Lubuntu with the LXQt desktop" and
> "Lu" to mean "Lubuntu with the LXDE desktop," for 18.10, there is only
> Lubuntu with the LXQt desktop. We will not see LXDE again.

OK.  So from 18.10 on "Lubuntu" is "LXQT" . . . or "Lubuntu" is now again
"one" . . . .

> Why did you report these bugs against the Ubiquity slideshow? We don't
> use the Ubiquity installer and it seems that what you're describing
> relates to the installed system, no? Furthermore, if you're upgrading,
> you're probably not even using the installer, right?
> Also, I would suggest using `ubuntu-bug` to report bugs rather than just
> sort of filing randomly. If you pick the right package/process, it will
> pull in additional information that will help bug triagers.

Yes, good question . . . launchpad continues to be "elusive" as far as
finding the proper place to report the bugs, possibly PITA could describe
it.  I think I searched google for "lubuntu next 18.10 bug report" and
there was a post/link for a bug report with a link to LP and that bug was
filed under "ubiquity" . . . and I picked the upper right "report a bug"
and it showed it as "ubiquity" and I picked the only other choice "I don't
know" what I am reporting against . . . and it obviously put it with
"ubiquity" . . . .

My upgrade was from the console . . . .

> > toolbar panel
> You do mean the panel, right? lxqt-panel?
> > the toolbar
> > "launches" in the middle of the display and then "jumps" through time
> > and space to the appointed "top" position.
> Can't reproduce this with a fresh install and lxqt-panel.
Panel. yes.  From logging into the GUI is when this happens.

> > Bug report # 1798176
> Can you reproduce this in a fresh install?
After I filed this second bug I ran an update/upgrade and since then the
system has revived with key stroke several times.  Previously in 18.04 as I
mentioned sometimes it would work and sometimes not; if it continues to
work properly I'll take the bug report down.

Even though I've gone through the tracker process and bug report process
quite a few times it continues to be "obtuse" as far as finding the proper
places to file bugs and/or how to report stuff to tracker that isn't a
"fresh install" . . . .


> [1]: https://manual.lubuntu.me/D/upgrading.html
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