[lubuntu-users] Desktop crashing (18.04)?

Mark F azdays15 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 22:21:03 UTC 2018

After I posted that last update, I was thinking how GIMP hasn't crashed
since I started stracing pcmanfm. It would previously crash *a lot*. Much
more frequently than the typical *days* between pcmanfm crashes. That
seemed to confirm my suggestive mind that strace is throttling things and
preventing a timing problem.

However, I haven't use GIMP as much lately. So, I just took a picture (I'm
fostering a dog and was overdue for a new photo).

The first thing I noticed using GIMP (2.10.8): the strace log was going
absolutely wild. I'm stracing pcmanfm. Usually it stops emitting when I
switch to an application. (I haven't tried a lot of apps. But, I thought I
saw that when switching to my chrome browser. The log went dormant.). But,
with GIMP, constant log activity (but I'm not stracing it).

So, that confirmed to me stracing is slowing GIMP down and it wasn't
hitting the "timing problem" I've been imaging about all this (clicking too
fast, or something).

Alas... GIMP finally did crash. It didn't freeze (which it used to do). It
just disappeared. It's been disappearing. I haven't paid attention to
whether freezing stopped, or when freezing and disappearing have both been
occurring. (Come to think of it, I think pcmanfm has disappeared too -- in
addition to, or replacing the freezing behavior. I stopped paying attention
and it was all the same thing to me.).

So, I have strace-pcmanfm output when GIMP crashed. Maybe someone would
like to ponder that? I tailed the last 500k (60mb) lines to a new file.
That's 21 seconds worth before I ctrl-breaked out of strace (which I did
within 3-5 seconds of GIMP crashing). Remember, the console (stderr) was
being captured too. (I don't think I could differentiate that output if I
saw it in there.).

If there's a place I could upload that, let me know. (I can post it to the
bug report. I was thinking this is kind of different and related more to my
speculation here.).
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