[lubuntu-users] Desktop crashing (18.04)?

Mark F azdays15 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 19:49:39 UTC 2018

> Now, It's just a matter of time till I have some strace info. I'll post to
> the bug report when I have something.

 I just wanted to send an update: no pcmanfm crashes (nor GIMP) since
running strace (as described in the previous post).

I'm starting to think strace's overhead is causing the mouse clicks to be
paced, preventing the crash from occurring. I mentioned in a previous post
that I've been living with this for awhile,[1] and that I had developed a
"feeling" that it had something to do with clicking too fast, a particular
pattern of something that was too aggressive. So... now that's evolving
into "it's the strace! it's *pacing* my mouse clicks for me." (ha). But,
maybe there's truth to that.

I did fool around with fast clicking, going crazy with the mouse (for a
couple days before starting strace). Nothing happened. So, there's probably
nothing to my "gut feeling" about it.

If it ever crashes with strace, I'll post to the bug report (Walter linked
to in a previous post).

[1] Unfortunately, I don't remember when I last upgraded. I know that I had
been out of support for a couple months by the time I upgraded to 18.04.
Previous to whatever version that was, I had been upgrading with each

I just looked at the Ubuntu version history and I'm pretty sure this
started with 17.04. That's the version that would have fallen out of
support shortly before 18.04. (But, I could be mistaken how long I wasn't
getting automatic updates. Maybe it was longer and I was on 16.10. I'm
pretty sure it *was not* that long. But, it definitely wasn't longer. I'm
sure it was just a couple months.).
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