[lubuntu-users] Bionic B Lu 18.04 Testing . . .

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 17:02:13 UTC 2018

Comments on the 03/11 daily build in line:

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 3:05 PM, Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Folk/wxl:
> As previously mentioned, downloaded the "daily/current" Lu 18.04 amd64 iso
> yesterday, burned it to DVD . . . no time to do the whole LP testing
> process, but providing short report on using the live DVD on my '12 Mac Pro
> 3.2 Ghz Quadcore with 16GB RAM . . . radeon card I believe.
> Just like the ubuntu 18.04 live DVD the Lu version takes a couple minutes
> to get to the GUI system, but then mounts the GUI just fine.  All seems
> pretty "zippy" as far as using FF goes . . . took a few minutes to figure
> out how to select the "location" so that the system clock time would set
> properly . . . in "manual."  One complaint about that clock is that many of
> the other OSs now offer the "12/24" hour toggle switch in the GUI, rather
> than still having to re-set the "%M" method . . . from the olde days . . .
> that should prolly be included in Lu 18.04 to bring it up to the present
> day.

 This version of "try Lubuntu booted up a tad faster than before, clock set
quickly, still the beef about the gui "12/24" toggle would remain as a
"complaint."  Nice default desktop image.

> Several times I got an error on "The application Notifications has closed
> unexpectedly" and then when I clicked on the "send report" toggle . . . the
> window "disappeared"??  Don't know if that is how the report gets sent . .
> . there was no "drop down" window showing the details of the report, etc .
> . . it was just gone.

No error boxes have opened in the time I have rifled through the various
apps . . . .

> In both the "Volume Control" app and the "galculator" app . . . the "tabs"
> for the various controls were not drawn as "tabs" but were instead just the
> "words" that were strung together without spacing, but clicking on them
> brought the various function like "input" "output" and so forth . . . .

Tabs are now showing up as "tabs" and they are working to show the

> When I moved the toolbar to the top of the display, across the bottom
> there was left a jagged white line showing where the desktop image was not
> extending fully to the edge of the display . . . kind of "not tidy" . . . .

This issue remains, when I moved the toolbar to the top the desktop image
doesn't cleanly touch the edge of the display.

> And, on using the mouse to "right-click" in the drop down menu, the items
> were not "highlighting" to show whether they were "selected" . . . but,
> clicking on "copy" did indeed "copy" and "paste" without showing anything
> to indicate that either of those items was "highlighted" . . . don't know
> if that is like an "OpenBox" "feature" . . . but I think most OSs will show
> some kind of "highlighter" around the moused over item in the menu???

right-click and mousing over stuff now shows "highlighting" or

> That's it for now, overall seems like a good build . . . with just a few
> details that need some attention . . . .  I didn't open every single app,
> but went through a few of them, the "normal" stuff . . . .  I saw also that
> "abiword" is still the word processor, a few years back abiword wasn't
> doing very well and we had to "remove it" or something, for the most part
> it seems most OSs have gone to Libre Writer . . . ??

Overall seems like this build is more together than it was . . . not enough
time to run an install or deal with LP . . . tested well, seems worthy of
the time spent to zsync and reburn the DVD.


> F
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