[lubuntu-users] GPS Recommendation(s) Requested

James Freer jessejazza3.uk at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 11:13:08 UTC 2018

On 9 June 2018 at 06:47, Eric Bradshaw
<ericbradshaw at computers4christians.org> wrote:
> My trusty Garmin just bit the dust about a week ago now. I had purchased it for $5 at a garage sale many years ago. I used Open Street Map maps on it, but had to limit the data as the HDD wasn't very big. I also enjoyed using different "vehicles" like R2D2, the Starship Enterprise and the Mystery Machine. My wife like the giant beach ball and a pair of flip flops.
> Non of those things are particularly important for my replacement; I just want it to work with Lubuntu, as did the former Garmin. It opened like an extra HDD and it was easy to use PCManFM to replace/update the map(s) and add "vehicles."
> I had a TomTom (my wife paid retail for) several years before the Garmin, but I seem to recall it was *not* easy to work with on Lubuntu. Maybe I'm mis-remembering and/or maybe it's gotten better.
> Anyway, I'm hoping to get opinions on pros and cons of Garmins, TomToms or any other dedicated GPS out there (not at all interested in using my phone for this purpose) to that will/can work with Lubuntu, how easy it is, maybe how

I have just had the similar dilemma. As a driver I wanted to get a 6"
Garmin and got a 65LM to replace my 52LM which has served me for over
4 years. A phone is a bit small for a truck. I've felt OSM maps were
better than Garmin or TomTom - neither of whom are in "my good books"
as they don't allow updates with linux users (yet that is what Mac is
which they do permit). I cover about 100,000 miles a year and the 52LM
has been excellent with OSM. Only problems I have had is with new
housing estates which is to be expected.

Where a phone is not ideal is that for my uses it's on for 10-12 hours
a day and a bit small - i've found the apps seem to crash or freeze,
Mapfactor, Here, and Navmii. I have been experimenting recently with
Co-Pilot and Sygic, and they seem the most reliable I have found. But
I do find the 5" screen a bit small even when using 2D which I find
better for predicting changes.

I was very annoyed to find that garmin maps are now NT. This means OSM
will only work with REDUCED functionality. I found I lost the road
speed limits, the top left icon giving turn/junction instructions, the
split screen junction up-a-head info - these being almost essential
for me. So don't rush out and buy another Garmin unless you have a
windows PC for updates.

It seems the only alternative today is a phone. Garmin and TomTom seem
rather greedy to me and have fallen behind the phone app
functionality. Regrettably as they say "Times have changed" - I'll
keep using the 52LM until she 'dies'. Now one can't use OSM on newer
models... a dedicated satnav isn't an option - sorry on bad news but
hoped I have saved you some cash.


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