[lubuntu-users] No desktop appears on reboot of lubuntu 17.10

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Fri Jan 26 01:51:16 UTC 2018

Israel <israeldahl at gmail.com> writes:


>> How would I know if I accidentally did switch to openbox?.... is there
>> some way to identify the type of session that opens when I log in.
>> Should I perhaps rename ~/.config  then logout and see what happens
>> when I log back in? Or would that just be creating more trouble?
> Hi Harry,

> In the top right corner near the other indicators, there is a place to
> click to choose other sessions.  I am not using the default icon theme
> so I cannot tell you exactly what it looks like, but IIRC it may be a
> gear icon, though I do not remember.

Ah yes, now I do see it, its a tiny replica of the LXDE icon. The same
as the one displayed on the lower panel main icon (like a start button
with the main menu)

When I look to see the *.png that the icon is pointing too it is
lubuntu-logo.png (found at /usr/share/lubuntu/images/) But the one in
upper right is very small.

It is set to lubuntu so I guess that isn't the problem.

However I do have good news ... I moved the .config directory to
CONFIG-moved-$DATE and rebooted.  I now have the bottom panel with the
normal icons and etc... no more black screen.  I guess I can poke
around in CONFIG-moved-$DATE directory if I want to try to figure out
what went wrong.

Thanks for all the help and coaching.

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