[lubuntu-users] New kernel seems to kill lubuntu in Vbox vm

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Tue Jan 23 12:55:23 UTC 2018

[Note: It is an older version of Vbox involved (5.0.40)
That is due to complications on Openindiana regarding installing
recent vbox versions.]

I've been trying to setup lubuntu as guest in a vbox vm on an
openindiana host (solaris x86 11 off-shoot).

I've run quite a few vms on this oi host some for a good while like
debian and ubuntu which are currently shut down but in working order.

With the lubuntu 17.10: It seems that an `aptitude full-upgrade' has
installed a new kernel... (version not sure what
all else but several pkgs.

The new initrd's were generated during the upgrade.

On a reboot called by the software updater when I ran it, the vm
completely fails.

In the last few hours, I've started from scratch 3 times, each time I
managed a running lubuntu install but after running `full-upgrade'
each of them had this same total failure.

The log referenced in the attached screenshot is 3200 lines long and I
did not recognize a single line that seemed to be useful without
intimate knowledge of the workings of vbox.

If anyone wants to see it I will post it.

Can anyone give guidance?... are others seeing problem with new kernel

Backing up to the previous kernel allows the login
screen to appear but once logged in it goes to a black screen with no
buttons on the bottom panel that seems to be frozen and completely

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