[lubuntu-users] lenovo_wmi or acer_wmi for Lenovo loptops (64 bit)

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 15:56:29 UTC 2018

Bottom posting, for those who are concerned about that type of protocol:

> I have two Lenovo ideapad laptops: Lenovo 3000 N200 with 4GB RAM and
> Lenovo Z570 with 8GB RAM.
> I am currently dual booting Z570 with Lubuntu 16.04.3 and Windows 10 Pro
> 1709 Insider Preview.
> As soon as my N200 is repaired, I plan to dual boot with Lubuntu 16.04.3
> and Windows 8.1 Pro.
> (I gave up on Windows 10 because it runs very slow with only 4GB RAM).
> Off and on, I get this error on Z570
> acer_wmi: Unsupported machine has AMW0_GUID1, unable to load
> 1) My initial Lubuntu install with msdos partitions and no EFI System
> partition failed with this error.
> 2) My second Lubuntu install (after re-installing Windows) with GPT
> partitions including  EFI System succeeded.
> But after two (or three?) automatic "Software Updater" sessions, it again
> failed with this error.
> A confusing factor is that Windows Insider Preview kept resetting my clock
> to London time (I'm in Los Angeles time zone).
> This broke Cygwin make command, and forced me to re-install Cygwin.
> According to Torvalds GitHub source for acer_wmi.c, N200 is on a quirks
> list of machines that is allowed to use Acer driver.
> Z570 is not on the list, and Torvalds asks that no more Lenovo machines be
> added to the list.
> So I need to know:
> Is there a lenovo_wmi driver?
> Was Z570 added to quirks list? If so, is it still on the quirks list?
> Should I try to re-install Lubuntu 16?
> Dick McCullough
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Mr McC:

I'm also in LA, so maybe the proximity factor will enhance the level of
communication.  I'm not a PC guy at this point, but I am/was a PPC guy, and
all of my new/old computers has at least dual-boot or multi-boot
partitions--so my experience is there rather than with the Lenovo side.

In my 16.04 installs there will usually be some TTY list of various
"failures" of this and/or that and that window may last for more than a
minute . . . until finally it "logs in" and the splash or GUI log in loads
. . . and then it runs "fine" . . . ???  Are your installs able to get to
the GUI, or when you say "fail" it never gets passed the single user TTY?

Other thing I've learned is that, if you can get a TTY window to be
visible, you can run update/upgrade commands and the nice thing is that the
system "learns" what you are doing/using and seems to make adjustments to
provide packages that will get the job done.  So, my suggestion is, rather
than doing a fresh install (based upon you did the checksum on the file and
it's a good file) . . . just run the system for awhile . . . and do some
periodic updates/upgrades . . . you can of course add drivers or apps via
the TTY . . . but, if it's "working" to provide a GUI, then don't worry
about one "failure" . . . ????

Sometimes there is TMI and easier to just use the system and let it "learn"
. . . .  And, possibly in the next release the Lenovo's will be off the
"quirks list"???  Point being is that "things change" in the linux world,
often very quickly . . . or in the case of PPC . . . for the worse. : - ))

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