[lubuntu-users] Bionic 18.04 . . . file "locked" after zsync-ing???

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 16:06:21 UTC 2018

Lu users:

Yesterday, after many months brooding over the loss of PPC I decided to try
to get back into the Lubuntu game and I tried to download the "daily" from
the "cdimage" site for Lubuntu 18.04 . . . and that process alone brought
several issues for the "live-amd64" iso version.

First issue was that the iso showed "986 MB" . . . which on my slow dsl
line should ideally have taken about an hour to download . . . after
several hours of "downloading" had passed I noticed that FF had a little
dot over its download manager--"download failed" it said.  I "retried"
several times . . . all attempts on reloading what was then "586 MB"
failed.  I again started a fresh download . . . and several hours later it
"finished" at the proscribed "986MB" . . . .  Awhile later I checked the
shasum 256 number and they didn't match, and I tried the md5 number and
that didn't match either.

Took a break and went for a bike ride, came up with the idea of trying to
reload the file using "zsync" which I noticed was an option.  I had to
install zsync in my latest squeeze Gecko MATE rolling edition, and I
downloaded the zsync file and ran "sudo zsync
. . . and zsync did its thing, read the seed file and . . . another several
hours later we had what is now a "1.5 GB" file . . . popped the DVD into
the drive and ran Brasero . . . disk ejected "failed to read file" . . .
tried another disk, same result.

Looking at the new zsync-d file there is now a "lock" icon, and looking in
properties via right click it shows "root" ownership with "read-only" and
somewhere at the bottom of the window it said, "You don't have proper
permissions so you can't do anything with this file . . . " ???  Something
like that, so somehow the "old" file which had no "lock" icon on it, went
to something that has been "locked" by zsync??

Any way to get that file unlocked, so that I can get the roughly 6 hours of
computer time spent "downloading" the file back from the trash bin of time
and get to the "testing" part of the ritual?


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