[lubuntu-users] About scanning for and turning wifi on/off

E James e_james at moladn.net
Sat Aug 11 03:41:52 UTC 2018

On 10/08/18 23:34, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Equipment: Toshiba Satellite NB 151 
> Summary:
> I've run lubuntu on this laptop for many months but only ever used
> ethernet.
> What do I need to install or do to be able to scan for wifi networks.
> How do I turn wifi on/off under Lubuntu
> Details:
> I probably should know how to do above but:
> I rarely use this laptop. I decided to put Lubuntu on it rather than
> the original windows OS.
> I recall that when it had windows on it there was some method of
> turning wifi on/off involving `cards' and the FN key.  Or perhaps that
> was on another older laptop...  As you might guess, its been a long
> time since the laptop had windows on it.  I've been running Lubuntu on
> ethernet for many months and now would like to try some of the wifi available
> around town, and perhaps do some computing while eating out or the
> like.
> When I start the laptop it tries to connect to wifi network at my
> house and shows the two wifi networks but apparently the adapter is in
> off mode or something since no connection happens.

In my experience, if you can see a list of wifi networks, you are ready to go. All you need is the wifi password / encryption key.
There was one lubuntu release (16.04) where you only had about 20 seconds to enter the key. Watch for the disconnection message at the top right of the screen.
You probably have a function key to turn wifi on / off. On my Toshiba laptop it is FN-F8. It may or may not work depending on how Toshiba built it into the firmware.

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