[lubuntu-users] Consultation on Lubuntu Order system

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 13:44:42 UTC 2017

There are a few options to custom design your ISO:
There are many tutorials, but maybe not in Chinese?

Which is a program I made, that could be adapted to Lubuntu
Specifically, and modifying themes, including any packages you want by
This is untested with Lubuntu specifically though, and made to use with

There is also manual editing of the ISO file (similar to how uck used to

Sorry, I do not know how to write simplified Chinese, and I only speak
very minimal Chinese.

On 09/18/2017 03:06 AM, 王小华 wrote:
> Hello!
> Very like the Lubuntu system, I would like to use it dd to u disk, do
> not install, but the default of the ISO has a lot of the software I
> want, so I want to customize it:
> 1, I need to know how to unpack ISO
> 2, install the software I want
> 3, some settings modify, such as theme, mouse, font, time zone and so on
> 4, complete the above, and then packaged into ISO, DD write to the USB
> can be started normally
> 5, boot support BIOS and UEFI (x32 and x64)
> What I need is a tutorial, method, specific steps of operation, if you
> have time, can write a tutorial to me, I am willing to pay 2000 RMB
> ($305 USD).
> If you are interested please contact me: kxs-co at 139. com, it is better
> to be Simplified Chinese, personal English is too bad.
> 以下为中文:
> 您好!
> 很喜欢Lubuntu系统,我想把它dd到U盘使用,不用安装,但默认的iso有很多我想要的软件都没有,于是想自己订制它:
> 1,我需要知道如何解压iso
> 2,安装我想要的软件
> 3,一些设置修改,比如主题,鼠标,字体,时区等
> 4,完成以上,再打包成iso,dd写入到USB能正常的启动
> 5,启动支持BIOS和UEFI(x32和x64)
> 我需要的是教程,方法,具体的操作步骤,如果您有时间,可以写份教程给我,我愿意支付2000RMB(约305
> USD)。
> 如果您有兴趣请联系我:kxs-co at 139.com,最好是会简体中文,个人英文太差。


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