[lubuntu-users] Consultation on Lubuntu Order system

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 11:37:00 UTC 2017

Den 2017-09-18 kl. 10:06, skrev 王小华:
> Hello!
> Very like the Lubuntu system, I would like to use it dd to u disk, do 
> not install, but the default of the ISO has a lot of the software I 
> want, so I want to customize it:
> 1, I need to know how to unpack ISO
> 2, install the software I want
> 3, some settings modify, such as theme, mouse, font, time zone and so on
> 4, complete the above, and then packaged into ISO, DD write to the USB 
> can be started normally
> 5, boot support BIOS and UEFI (x32 and x64)
> What I need is a tutorial, method, specific steps of operation, if you 
> have time, can write a tutorial to me, I am willing to pay 2000 RMB 
> ($305 USD).
> If you are interested please contact me: kxs-co at 139. com, it is better 
> to be Simplified Chinese, personal English is too bad.
> 以下为中文:
> 您好!
> 很喜欢Lubuntu系统,我想把它dd到U盘使用,不用安装,但默认的iso有很多我想 
> 要的软件都没有,于是想自己订制它:
> 1,我需要知道如何解压iso
> 2,安装我想要的软件
> 3,一些设置修改,比如主题,鼠标,字体,时区等
> 4,完成以上,再打包成iso,dd写入到USB能正常的启动
> 5,启动支持BIOS和UEFI(x32和x64)
> 我需要的是教程,方法,具体的操作步骤,如果您有时间,可以写份教程给我,我 
> 愿意支付2000RMB(约305 USD)。
> 如果您有兴趣请联系我:kxs-co at 139.com,最好是会简体中文,个人英文太差。

Hi kxs-co,

I don't know Chinese, but I have made and maintain a tool, that might be 
useful for you.

If you clone the iso file to a USB drive, it will be read-only. To 
customize the drive, you should

1. make a persistent live drive or

You can use mkusb to make a persistent live drive. See these links



2. install Lubuntu (install like into an internal drive, but into a USB 

You can install Lubuntu to a USB drive according to the following link


Good luck :-)


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