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Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 02:14:20 UTC 2017

Hi again.
On 11/11/2017 08:01 PM, Joe Smith wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> Yes I was the one at IRC and asked this question. Thanks for letting
> me know :) Are there other repositories that are free as in freedom
> that allow any users to upload content directly to it, even if it
> contained illegal stuff (such as connecting users to blackmarkets
> (such as drugs and ammunition stores etc)), not that I plan to off
> course download such content but was rather curious if such a
> repository exists?
You should use your own server for that.

The things you describe sound like websites, rather than Debian apt
packages (compiled programs/scripts/etc...).
Lubuntu is a set of programs to give you freedom on your computer to use
it directly, without giving up your freedom to a proprietary OS.

There are a variety of web browsers you can use to connect to websites,
though I would *strongly advise* against your mentioned usage.  If you
wanted privacy because you were in an oppressive country trying to have
more freedom of information I would give you names of programs you could
use to help, as well as specific distributions which would make your
internet activity less easy to track.
> Regards
> Joe


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