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Hi There,

On 11 April 2017 at 13:30, oldmarathonrunner <oldmarathonrunner at zoho.com>

> I do not want to seem unhelpful, but I am an ordinary user . Is there
> anywhere one can actually get proper answers to problems other than have
> you tried this or that which then reverts into a nerds discussion of what
> they did or did not do. As ordinary people do not understand any of this I
> wonder if Lubuntu and Linux have absolutely no interest in normal users. I
> am very often directed to Ubuntu help and forums which are just the same
> and more often than not tell me the question has already been answered and
> direct me to a non existent page.
> I do not expect an answer with any meaning to it as I have been asking for
> years!

Try searching for a local Linux User Group (LUG). Because they will have
the advantage of being able to look at your problem and do the technical
things to fix it, it might be a really good idea.



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