[lubuntu-users] Issue with 17.04

Andre Campos Rodovalho andre.rodovalho at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 09:30:36 UTC 2017

The MTP protocol is pretty tricky. I think can't answer your question
satisfactorily, I mean, what I am about to say might not be the best news...

You might not be able to open files and navigate (using viewing software)
on your phone's storage, that is because your user (on Lubuntu) has no
permission to handle some paths on your phone's storage. Otherwise, that
could cause a concurrency problem, there are two operating systems trying
to manage the very same memory space (Android and Lubuntu). I am not sure
if this is the most accurate explanation, but this is what I have been
told, and that makes sense for what I am aware of...

So, you might be able to copy the files from your phone to a folder on
Lubuntu and then open the images and videos for viewing...
In theory, it is possible to circumvent this issue making this "copy to
see" in a temporary folder. But I have not idea if that has already being
done, or could be fixed by installing anything on Lubuntu...

You can try another File Manager to see if you have better luck. I think
Thunnar handles better MTP mounting points...

On 16 June 2017 at 00:13, "Norbert GOOßENS" <norbert.goossens at email.de>

> Hi all,
> Lubuntu 17.04 works very well on my more than 10 years old laptop. But I
> have one issue. When I connect my smartphone to the laptop Lubuntu mount
> both sdcards (internal and external). But unfortunately I can't open any
> jpg, mp4, mp3 file on the mounted sdcard. PDF's on the other hand are
> readble.
> When I try to open an image file following message appear:
> Image file '/run/user/1000/gvfs/mtp:host=%5Busb%3A001%2C006%5D/SD-Karte/Download/Oma2.JPG'
> contains no data
> Is there someone who has a solution for my issue?
> Regards
> Norbert
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