[lubuntu-users] Booting into the dreaded black screen . . . pedal to the metal

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Tue May 10 20:44:14 UTC 2016


OK, thanks for the "archive" data--found it.  I believe I have the
"radeon.agpmode" part of it in my Yaboot.conf . . . but, the "ro resume"
aspect I haven't heard of, until now.  The "sda4" is to designate the
"home/ext4" partition?? that would be the partition that would "resume"
after hibernation?  ***Possibly*** the Powermac, which right now doesn't
need a Yaboot.conf file, could "hibernate"?  according to the old email
with Israel it seemed like in 12.04 it "passed" the hibernation test, but
not the "suspend" test.  In my iBook I have a Yaboot.conf file and could be
easy to add the "ro resume xxxx" stuff for testing of Lubuntu 16 PPC
performance . . . .


My yaboot.conf have parameters video=ofonly radeon.agpmode=-1 ro
resume=/dev/sda4 and i'm running it fine."

Happy to answer questions . . . if they are "relevant" . . . but, the
question "Do you ever have Linux?"  is not clear in English.  I have had
numerous installs of linux in a number of different computers; 3 of them
PPC, and 1 Intel Apple . . . .

> Hello Fritz,
> According to your deleted email, each of this email have appended
> signature of this mailing list. So, simply click on link which is on line
> 'Modify settings or unsubscribe at', locate second link 'Lubuntu-users
> Archives' and click on it. You will see simple table. Click on March 2016,
> view by date and fourth email sent by me will have that parameters which
> can enable hibernation and correct initialization of video adapter in Apple
> PPC machines. Once done, and you want to fix that, come to me and confirm
> if you are booting computer using your favorite grub or yaboot which is
> standard on PPC architecture. But you will need to provide also output of
> some commands which I had not seen from you even you was asked several
> times. Do you ever have Linux?
> Peter.
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