[lubuntu-users] Booting into the dreaded black screen . . . pedal to the metal

Peter Golis golisp at centrum.sk
Wed May 11 13:16:55 UTC 2016

If you don't need configuration for yaboot to boot linux (yaboot.conf), then you had manually created boot script in Apple_Bootstrap partition using Fortran programming language or you had manually installed grub2 and followed it's configuration. Both listed options which allows to boot Linux on PowerPC require skill level expert. So, you are therefore Linux expert and you know that resume must point into swap partition.
Could you please share your knowledge and tell me ho did you made boot on your PowerPC machine without yaboot? I'm interested in non standard solution and I will be lucky to get your knowledge.
Unless you are just trolling like when I had seen your first try about booted supergrub cd on PowerPC. Supergrub had during that time released boot cd only for x86/64 architecture.
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OK, thanks for the "archive" data--found it.  I believe I have the "radeon.agpmode" part of it in my Yaboot.conf . . . but, the "ro resume" aspect I haven't heard of, until now.  The "sda4" is to designate the "home/ext4" partition?? that would be the partition that would "resume" after hibernation?  ***Possibly*** the Powermac, which right now doesn't need a Yaboot.conf file, could "hibernate"?  according to the old email with Israel it seemed like in 12.04 it "passed" the hibernation test, but not the "suspend" test.  In my iBook I have a Yaboot.conf file and could be easy to add the "ro resume xxxx" stuff for testing of Lubuntu 16 PPC performance . . . .

My yaboot.conf have parameters video=ofonly radeon.agpmode=-1 ro resume=/dev/sda4 and i'm running it fine."Happy to answer questions . . . if they are "relevant" . . . but, the question "Do you ever have Linux?"  is not clear in English.  I have had numerous installs of linux in a number of different computers; 3 of them PPC, and 1 Intel Apple . . . .
Hello Fritz,
 According to your deleted email, each of this email have appended signature of this mailing list. So, simply click on link which is on line 'Modify settings or unsubscribe at', locate second link 'Lubuntu-users Archives' and click on it. You will see simple table. Click on March 2016, view by date and fourth email sent by me will have that parameters which can enable hibernation and correct initialization of video adapter in Apple PPC machines. Once done, and you want to fix that, come to me and confirm if you are booting computer using your favorite grub or yaboot which is standard on PPC architecture. But you will need to provide also output of some commands which I had not seen from you even you was asked several times. Do you ever have Linux?

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