[lubuntu-users] Lubuntu Xenial PPC testing on iBook G4

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 21:34:56 UTC 2016

Lu Users:

So, while I was fiddling around with trying to get U-MATE 16 tested on the
iBook I also downloaded the Lubuntu Daily from the 23rd . . . and I burned
it to BlueRay disk!!!!  After trying the MATE version, simply put, there
are "issues" . . . perhaps just too much for the low spec system.  So,
expectations were low for the Lu 16 BR disk on the G4, but, on this
computer it runs very well . . . the fan has more or less been running
steadily, but nothing frenetic like in the MATE disk.

The DVD booted fairly fast and apps launched pretty quickly, only issue,
which I had in Lu 15 and 14 is setting the clock doesn't seem to get
noticed by Gmail--so all the times in my gmail account are what "UTC"???
In MATE I can only open about 4 apps before the GUI is overwhelmed, but in
Lubuntu I had 5 open before the system declined to open Lightlocker
settings.  Closing an app still didn't get me into Lightlocker  . . . so
far the only problem that I found.

This edition of Lu seems to be easy enough on the iBook that I might try
the full install . . . is there some "known issue" about installing from
the liveDVD?  Something about "casper" that needs attention??  Haven't had
the chance to check, but probably in my i2c computer sound still needs to
be adjusted?  I used all the "radeon" fb boot params . . . not a problem to
get that added to the Yaboot config file.

Overall for the iBook this is running nicely, fan just getting a touch
obtrusive while typing this email, but in Lu 14 session it is louder . . .
.  Congrats.

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