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Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Wed Jul 27 07:50:58 UTC 2016

I understand scrooyahoo's arguments and agree with the reasons, but is
being very rude when judging others' choices.

I insist to scrooyahoo: there are other distros & communities apart of
Ubuntus/Canonicals and, most of people who disagrees with
*buntu/Canonical policies, migrate to that other GNU/Linux distributions.


El 26/07/16 a les 23:05, scrooyahoo at riseup.net ha escrit:
> i'm not insisting on anonimity, but being treated as a criminal when you
> have done nothing wrong that is invading my privacy.
> also i do see it from your point of view and i can agree to some extend.
> But since privacy is not respected by default, Then people who care
> about privacy feel forced to use something like TOR by default to
> get/TAKE privacy. (how do you say this in english?)
> I joined the mailing list with my regular yahoo email address with my
> normal name but I used the webmail while using tor.
> thats where it started, and now i also got bugged with captchas and
> that's where i had enough of it. Emotions got the better of me? Or maybe
> ethics?
> anyhow, mu yahoo mail ended up in spam, thats why i went for a new mail
> account (thisone, because i was very annoyed at yahoo for wasting my time)
> If yahoo had not done this then i would most likely be still using this
> list form my other account.
> So who is to blame?  Yahoo i guess?
> I hope that i didn't make enemies here by raising some ethical issues i
> just has a few technical questions and if i can help others then i'm
> also prepared to help.
> So you consider TOR to be of questionable legality?
> But how legal is A capthcha system then? That sends a certain amount of
> packets and probes several PC related details to snoop out a users
> identity. Is it concidered to be legal to do that?  When i see someone
> walk on the street and grab the persons wallet and ID to randomly probe
> a persons identity then I GET ARRESTED.
> But holy Google may do so all over the planet??
> I said i would stop this discussion, any followups i will answer, but
> off-list.
> I got a bit carried away here. Though i'm sure my argumenst are strong
> enough in privacy vs anonimity. I do not need anonimity, but privacy
> should be a default service, and if that's not the case then people
> resort to anonimity. Don't blame them, it's not their fault, it's for
> them the only option left to get privacy. I don't know ANY alternative
> that gives me real privacy.
> I do not want to offend anyone and don't think my nettiquette are bad,
> some phrases may eventually be bad english but thats most likely because
> im not a native english speaker and learned my english from american
> action movies.
> On 2016-07-26 21:51, Liam Proven wrote:
>> On 26 July 2016 at 17:50,  <scrooyahoo at riseup.net> wrote:
>>> its backwards annoing and disrespects my privacy.
>> As a counter-argument, I'd argue that you are disrespecting us & the
>> other members of the (L)Ubuntu community by insisting on anonymity.
>> Anonymity is not privacy, nor is privacy equivalent to anonymity.
>> You join this mailing list and apparently expect to receive help and
>> support and you do not even have the manners to give your name.
>> As a parallel: if I was hosting a party, and someone came with a mask
>> on and refused to give their name, I would not welcome them. I'd throw
>> them out for their extreme rudeness.
>> A mailing list is no different.
>> As a general rule, whereas I frequent many mailing lists and a few
>> newsgroups, I generally will not help people using visibly false
>> names. I consider it poor manners.
>> You are complaining about a service of questionable legality being
>> blocked by an external service that is nothing to do with Ubuntu. This
>> is the wrong place to complain about it, we are the wrong people, and
>> I suggest you consider how your netiquette compares to basic
>> real-world manners and civility.
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