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scrooyahoo at riseup.net scrooyahoo at riseup.net
Tue Jul 26 20:07:00 UTC 2016

That might have got lost in translation a bit (english is not my native 

The thing is this, more and more people are using TOR and maybe other 
things to get *some* privacy
And also those new *buntu users may want to join here to ask questions 
and help others.

BUT if Canonical chooses to build a captcha fence or let google build 
that fence around canonical. Then there is something wrong...

1. people are FORCED to give up their privacy if they want to join
2. Canonical has a choice to NOT use stuff with captcha or other crap.  
Just to allow everyone to join in while having some privacy

What good is a distro that uses FREE software if the community is not 
allowed to BE FREE?

The GNU dude is correct, FREEDOM MATTERS now more then ever.

I did not say google selects,

but google does provide captcha stuff that canonical USES
in fact Ubuntu Touch uses a privacy crippler that goes by the name of 
Ubuntu ONE
you need to sign in on U1's webpage that has a google captcha privacy 

Fun part is this that Ubuntu browser on touch gives GOOGLE page that 
tells you that Ubuntu's browser is not compatible with GOOGLES CAPTCHA's 
The bug is filed on launchpad somewhere and confirmed by someone from 

So Canonical defenately had a CHOICE there. The choice to put a google 
captcha on a Ubuntu webpage.

that's separate from freenode, but in a way the same choice..

It will be interesting to see what choice is going to be made there.
1. choose to remode the captch
2. make google browser crippled enough to 'support' captcha to snoop 
peoples idenities.

Canonical may use the word Ubuntu, but they are letting it slip...

I became an Ubuntu user because i thought they really cared, so now i 
hope to see how much Canonical cares.

I'm well aware about corporate pressures, but i don't care about that, 
does Canonical make it's philosphy true, or is it just a meaningless 
marketing lie?


My philosophy:
When in doubt, aks questions, when answers are not clear enough, ask 
more questions.

I use Ubuntu now for more then 8 years, so my question are not out of 
thin air.

And i realise that the Lubuntu list is not the best place to ask this, 
but the discussion started here and I don't want to leave open ends if 

I ask these questions because i care.  And from your answer i feel that 
you also care. But we experience the privacy issue in a different way.

As you can see, i have looked a little deeper the past few days and 
discovered that there where a few choices that could have been done 
slightly different.

On 2016-07-26 20:25, Narcis Garcia wrote:
> scrooyahoo, you are wrong in a detail:
> Google/captcha is not selecting *buntu projects.
> Are *buntu projects that choose Google/captcha to be used with people.
> A GNU/Linux distribution is this: a group of choices about software and
> collective.

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