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Hi There,

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> I mean, DELL only offered the most expensive machines with Ubuntu, (last
> time i looked) and only the main Flavour. I was shopping for a cheap
> notebook... So DELL  was a big waste of time. Even when i asked support
> there was NO WAY they would sell me a cheap machine.
> Then when i reluctantly asked how long it would ship to europe then they
> told me that it was only available for the US market.
My experience with refurbishing old Dells (towers, desktops, laptops) with
L/Ubuntu has been very positive so far. I tend to be given old Dells that
businesses have finished with to refurnish to give to people with mental
health problems, their carers, their families.

I also have a refurbished lenovo ThinkPad T420 as my computer and it has
been pretty good so far.

Before putting Linux on, though, I wipe the hard drive with dban and test
the memory with memtest86+. Saves a lot of frustration.



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