[lubuntu-users] iso replacement for LibreOffice Base?

bill . billwx at live.com
Mon Apr 4 06:59:27 UTC 2016

Hi all,

New member and brand new Lubuntu and LXDE user here. I'm accustomed to Manjaro xfce but wanted to try something just a tad "lighter." So far I'm very impressed with the look and snappy feel. Trust me as a fan of arch-based distros it pains me to say that but...

One of my goals is to be rid of LibreOffice. I'm already using FocusWriter as my word processor and love it. Now there's only one more thing... I've been using LibreOffice Base to create simple databases for sightings of butterflies, dragonflies, and wasps (yeah I'm a nature geek). I find this easier and tidier than a spreadsheet. I'm looking for a stand alone program with a small footprint that can do the same thing. Searching for "database" in the repositories gives me tons of programs (VERY impressed with the range and number of programs in the repositories, btw!). Can someone please recommend a program that might suit my needs- which aren't all that great? If i must use a spreadsheet i see Lubuntu comes with a nice light one, but apparently LO Base will only let me import and not export. Any ideas much appreciated!
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