[lubuntu-users] iso replacement for LibreOffice Base?

E James e_james at moladn.net
Mon Apr 4 15:39:39 UTC 2016

On 04/04/16 07:59, bill . wrote:
> Hi all,
> New member and brand new Lubuntu and LXDE user here. I'm accustomed to Manjaro xfce but wanted to try something just a tad "lighter." So far I'm very impressed with the look and snappy feel. Trust me as a fan of arch-based distros it pains me to say that but...
> One of my goals is to be rid of LibreOffice. I'm already using FocusWriter as my word processor and love it. Now there's only one more thing... I've been using LibreOffice Base to create simple databases for sightings of butterflies, dragonflies, and wasps (yeah I'm a nature geek). I find this easier and tidier than a spreadsheet. I'm looking for a stand alone program with a small footprint that can do the same thing. Searching for "database" in the repositories gives me tons of programs (VERY impressed with the range and number of programs in the repositories, btw!). Can someone please recommend a program that might suit my needs- which aren't all that great? If i must use a spreadsheet i see Lubuntu comes with a nice light one, but apparently LO Base will only let me import and not export. Any ideas much appreciated!
> peace
> -bill

Hi Bill

I have some similar questions and I will be interested to read any replies you get on this topic. I can't give you much in the way of specific suggestions but maybe I can help to define the problem by telling you what I think I know.

As I see it the problem breaks into 2 parts - the data tables and the user interface. LibreOffice handles both as do many other database applications such as MS Access and Borland / Corel Paradox for Windows. Most database applications, including LibreOffice have the ability to connect to external database servers and most servers use some variation of SQL. If you are familiar with SQL then exporting your data should be simply a matter of creating suitable external tables and using LibreOffice to copy the data into those tables. If, like me, you have generally steered clear of SQL, then the job is a bit more difficult.

In my case the main problem is the user interface. I have been using Paradox for Windows since Windows 3.1 and I have written a great deal of ObjectPal code to suit my own requirements. If I move to another application I will have to write new code from scratch. What I am currently doing is running Paradox 7 in Linux using Wine. There are some rough edges but it does the job well enough most of the time. The nearest Linux substitute I have found so far seems to be using Python for the interface and SQLite for the data tables. There is a significant learning curve and I am not yet in any rush to get started. At this moment I can't name any Linux based user interface, other than LibreOffice, which can manage the tables without an extensive knowledge of SQL commands.

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