Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 46, Issue 8

Israel israeldahl at
Sun Oct 18 13:27:38 UTC 2015

On 10/18/2015 03:27 AM, emninger at wrote:
> Am Tue, 13 Oct 2015 12:00:13 +0000
> schrieb Israel <israeldahl at>
>> I run 12.04 (because of sound issues) with some specially built
>> packages, to make ToriOS on my iBook
>> I use JWM, so it is more like Lubuntu than CrunchBang, though it uses
>> around 80MB RAM.
>> But you can use conky and fluxbox with Ubuntu.  If you want to go that
>> route, it might be better to install the mini iso, and simply build
>> from there.
>> systemd is an issue for some things you may be used to, such as
>> homebrew scripts to shutdown/restart/suspend using dbus..
>> there are new systemctrl commands for this...
>> systemctrl reboot
>> systemctrl poweroff
>> and... I can't remember suspend off the top of my head... probably
>> systemctrl suspend
>> I think it is better to stick with LTS for PPC, though.
>>> My questions:
>>> - I remember there were sound issues with newer kernels (newer than
>>> 3.2 at least). Is that still the case? Or are they solved in the
>>>   meantime. I see there are already kernels 4.3 for ppc ...  
>> I haven't tried a newer version as of yet... I have been very busy,
>> though I do intend to test Wily and newer 14.04 releases to see if my
>> iBook has sound
>> I am not sure how the powerbook fares with the hw-detect (hardware
>> detect program... responsible for this issue) does with G4
>>> - Which would be the best image to do the installation? I've a 14.04
>>>   live iso. Would that be a good starting point (since it's still
>>>   upstart based i presume)? Otherwise ... ?  
>> mini.iso (14.04)
>> Other downloads:
>>> - Ah, a general question the g4 processor is 32bit, correct?  
>> all the Apple PPC is 32bit AFAIK I think IBM only makes 64bit for
>> their servers... I could be wrong though...
> Hi Israel!
> Thanks a lot for your infos. 
> [OT on]In the meantime, i decided for a different
> way (it's the computer for a weekendhouse for my wife ;) ) and the
> problem is, she's used so much to Mac OS ...
> Your mentioning of Homebrew was an excellent pointer :) I installed
> Tiger, stripped it down as much as possible, threw away all outdated
> and risky apps (like Safari ecc. ecc.), installed tigerbrew and
> configured lots of darwin settings (tor, privoxy, torsocks,
> proxychains4 to get torified and - relatively, i know ;) - safe
> otherwise unprotected applications. Steep learning curve for me, but
> interesting; i think i'll look into OpenBSD some time soon ;) There is
> an adapted modern Firefox and Thunderbird for ppc Mac OS (Tenfourfox).
> But i still have the advantages that powermanagement and streaming work
> fine, a bit slow due to the limitations of the built in wireless, but's
> ok.[OT off]
> Cheers!
glad it works for you!!!


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