Help lubuntu ppc on pbg4 (Israel)

emninger at emninger at
Mon Oct 12 09:45:16 UTC 2015

Hi all & especially Israel!

It's a long time i've not been here (since i'm a little bit away from
Ubuntu/Debian recently) but now i've to install a linux on a Powerbook
G4 17". And lubuntu seems to me the most viable (for ppc).

My goal is to install lubuntu but the strip it down as
much as possible to something similar to #crunchbang (but possibly not
openbox plus conky but fluxbox, don't know at this moment). I had a
similar installation (debian wheezy/jessie based) but unfortunately i
broke it by stupidly doing a dist-upgrade. And my guess is/was, that
the change from sysvinit to systemd was not especially appreciated by
the ppc flavour (but i'm far away from being a technician).
Unfortunately i do not see any slackware based ppc linux ;)

My questions:

- I remember there were sound issues with newer kernels (newer than 3.2
  at least). Is that still the case? Or are they solved in the
  meantime. I see there are already kernels 4.3 for ppc ...

- Which would be the best image to do the installation? I've a 14.04
  live iso. Would that be a good starting point (since it's still
  upstart based i presume)? Otherwise ... ?

- Ah, a general question the g4 processor is 32bit, correct?

Thanks a lot in advance for your patience!

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