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Hi again Tom,

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Den 2015-11-09 kl. 06:25, skrev Tom Cloyd:
> I wish to register a protest: I'm still trying to get Lubuntu (LB) to do
> what it says it CAN do - namely install to a hard drive, setting it up
> as an encrypted LVM drive.
> After multiple failures with an 15.04 ISO disk, and then an 15.10
> alternate ISO, I'm now trying it with a new 15.10 desktop ISO - the
> version I actually want to install.
> At the beginning one has the option of trying out LB or going directly
> to an install; I took the latter option. Quite a ways into the install,
> after every option is set, and the actual install is about to happen,
> there is this unfortunate error message which stops the whole process. I
> wrote about this in my initial email about my installation problems:
> /I got an "Unsafe swap space detected" error message. This makes no
> sense to me.LB is running in ram. It's installing to a clean HD. WHAT
> swap is being talked about?
> I tried again, this time starting LB from the DVD, and then initiating
> the install to the USB HD. Same result.
> The error message says that I must "disable the swap space (e.g., by
> running swapoff) or configure an encrypted swap space and then run setup
> of encrypted volumes again."
> So, I call up lxterminal and execute sudo swapoff -a./

The ubiquity installer has an issue with zram. You have to turn it off
(which you did) for this option (installing with encryption) to work.

> This is clearly a programming issue. If an error message like that is to
> be issued, there needs to be immediate access to a command line so it
> can be fixed. To have to halt the installation, losing the work it took
> to get to this point, then issue the command (which by the way is NOT
> "swapoff" but "sudo swapoff -a". as one discovers after more hills and
> valleys), then restart...is nuts.
> But that's what I did, again. Which brings me to this, also previously
> encountered - and I quote again from my initial email of October 18:
> /"Volume group name already in use. The volume group name used to
> automatically partition using LVM is already in use. Lowering the
> priority for configuration questions will allow you to specify an
> alternative name."
> I have no idea what this means./

Maybe there is some information on the target drive, that is confusing
the installer.

If that is causing your problem, it should work after you wipe the first
megabyte of the target drive and create a new partition table. You can
do that with the command line tool 'dd' plus the GUI tool 'gparted', or
safer with 'mkusb version 10.3' via


and use the 'wipe menu'.


> I really dislike cryptic error message. "Lowering the priority..." Huh?
> AND, there's this: Since this is an install which wipes the target disk,
> there IS no volume group name at the beginning. So it's not just
> cryptic, it's wrong.
> I really like Lubuntu, AND I truly need a fully encrypted installation,
> OS and all. The attempt to do it on a USB hard drive is just a proof of
> concept, to show it can be done. But it can't, at least by me, so far. I
> did it with 15.04 on my netbook but after that it's been all failures.
> I can't afford the time costs here. I hope there's a fix somewhere, but
> meanwhile I'm looking for another path - maybe Ubuntu itself (then strip
> it down to Lubuntu?) or a Mint version. I need something that works.
> Any and all idea anyone has are most welcome!
> Tom
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