Fwd: Re: [Lubuntu-qa] Alternate testcase changes

Lars Noodén lars.nooden at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 13:38:10 UTC 2015

On 04.03.2015 14:50, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> Hi Walter, Lars, Phill and all other Lubuntu users
> I think we have a working alternative, that should be rather easy to
> implement for the Alternate Install (Encryption) test-cases (for the
> i386 as well as the amd64 iso files).
> @ Walter and Lars: Can we agree to modify the (alternate) test-cases?
> @ Lars: ... and when agreed, will you edit the alternate test-cases?
> @ Walter and Lars: The next step will be to design corresponding
> test-cases for the Lubuntu desktop iso files.


I can try modifying the Alternate encryption case, if someone can remind
me of the URL to the right guide to do that, when the time comes.  The
hard part is not the HTML but dealing with bazaar and then following the
right procedure for a pull.  Would that be for 15.04 or for 15.10?


For 16.04, it would be best if the installers handled encryption
properly so that workarounds like dropping to the shell are not needed
for full disk encryption.

> @ everybody:
> Skipping 'encrypted home inside encrypted disk with LVM' makes things
> much easier to get working. ...

Encrypted home is probably important if there are multiple users or one
user with multiple roles on the machine.  For the full hard disk
encryption I see a main use-case as being work laptops that travel and
thus at risk of being lost or stolen.


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