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Den 2015-03-03 13:13, Nio Wiklund skrev:
> Hi Walter,
> Lars and I are making progress with the test-cases for encryption :-)
> Best regards
> Nio
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> Ämne: Re: [Lubuntu-qa] Alternate testcase changes
> Datum: Tue, 03 Mar 2015 12:59:16 +0100
> Från: Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at gmail.com>
> Till: Lars Noodén <lars.nooden at gmail.com>
> ...
> Hi again Lars,
> I hope some debugging can be done in Vivid, but to be realistic, maybe
> we'll have to wait until the next version for a fully functioning
> encrypted Lubuntu.
> Good that it will be easy to edit test cases with html :-)
> -o-
> I know a little more now about the encrypted systems, not only the
> test-cases, but also what happens afterwards.
> 1. We have more than one bug (probably more than two bugs).
> 2a. All Ubuntu flavour desktop test-cases with encryption have only
> encrypted disk with LVM, not encrypted home inside the encrypted disk.
> 2b. I have managed to make cryptswap work (inside encrypted LVM with the
> alternate installer), but only in the first session. After reboot it
> disappears.
> 2c. So I suggest that we suggest test-cases for Lubuntu alternate and
> desktop with only encrypted LVM and skip the encrypted home. This way it
> will be rather similar to the other Ubuntu flavour desktop test-cases
> with encryption, and much easier to get working again.
> 3. The alternate testcase will probably work with some simple changes
> and the work-around (detour into a text screen) is only to unmount some
> partition(s) on the target drive. I think it should be done *earlier*
> than the installer does it now.
> 4. Knowing this (after a lot of testing) the desktop testcase can
> probably be simplified too. But there is an additional bug due to the
> zRAM, that must be switched off or (better) accepted.
> Summary: I think that a developer can make encryption work rather
> easily, so that we can get nice and polished test-cases (that work). I
> think it is quite possible to revive the alternate test-case before the
> release of Vivid (with automatic unmounting of that partition, often
> /dev/sda1).
> See the attached text version of a modified Lubuntu alternate test-case.
> Look for # tags in order to find what is modified :-)
> Best regards
> Nio

Hi Walter, Lars, Phill and all other Lubuntu users

I think we have a working alternative, that should be rather easy to
implement for the Alternate Install (Encryption) test-cases (for the
i386 as well as the amd64 iso files).

@ Walter and Lars: Can we agree to modify the (alternate) test-cases?

@ Lars: ... and when agreed, will you edit the alternate test-cases?

@ Walter and Lars: The next step will be to design corresponding
test-cases for the Lubuntu desktop iso files.

See this link



Comment #8 'Be interesting to hear the opinions of the server team...
Did this used to work?'

The Ubuntu server test-case for encryption uses 'only' encrypted disk
with LVM, not encrypted home inside it. So this is another indication
(alongside the encrypted desktop test-cases), that Lubuntu should do the
same thing.

@ everybody:

Skipping 'encrypted home inside encrypted disk with LVM' makes things
much easier to get working. My tests today indicate, that the Lubuntu
alternate test-case works with this small modification. We need not even
unmount any partition earlier than the installer wants to do it.

I just tested that it works with very different original partition
tables (GPT and several partitions of various kinds)

- the 64-bit alternate Lubuntu Vivid installer works
- the 32-bit alternate Lubuntu Vivid installer works

I modified the test-case for encryption only at these places:

'No' for encrypted home directory # Changed from 'Yes'. This is the most
important modification.

'Yes' unmount mounted partitions in the target drive # Additional item
which is important.

'No' to install grub boot loader to master boot record. Instead select
the target drive for the bootloader manually. # Changed from 'Yes'. This
is optional but I recommend it because the automatic choice often
creates problems for me.


It is not necessary to enter another text screen and unmount any
partition earlier than the installer wants to do it.

Best regards

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