Lubuntu 15.04 64 bit Problem with Desktop Shortcuts

Israel israeldahl at
Mon Jun 1 12:53:38 UTC 2015

On 06/01/2015 01:30 AM, Michael Hirons wrote:
> Not sure who I should be sending this to?but hope that it can be
> forwarded to the correct person?
> I have been running Lubuntu 14.10 for some time,but recently decided
> to Install 15.04. having done this I have a problem with shortcuts not
> opening the programme which they are linked to?ie when I right click
> on say Firefox,I am asked which programme to use to open it?This did
> not happen on 14.10,how can I resolve this issue/ many thanks Michael
That is rather odd.  What shortcuts are you using?  Is this a shortcut
on your desktop?  If so, simply edit it to execute *firefox* using the
lxshortcut program.
Though, right clicking should produce the menu which asks what you want
to open it with.  The left click should open it.
You may need to provide us more specific details about what you are doing.


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