Another question-- Window compositing in Lubuntu 14.04

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On 07/14/2015 09:16 AM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 5:10 PM, Israel <israeldahl at
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>     In other words the OGs from compton stay in their hood while the
>     OGs from XFCE stay in theirs... and things can get messed up if
>     you try to bring compton to XFCE.
> @Israel:
> OK, I can be down wit dat . . . it seemed like you were saying that
> the log out ****should*** be keepin' the homies in the their turf . .
> . for the most part.  But, if for some reason things seem to be going
> gangsta . . . then just re-starting lightdm should make things
> "normal" between the crips and the bloods????  (I don't know which one
> is more like XFCE or which is like LXDE, . . . blue? red??)  : - )
> F
I think the compton analogies have lost me :)

But yes if you stop lightdm it should kill all X
<> related apps, but all
services started by upstart <> or
systemd are started differently and stopped differently
the sudo stop lightdm may/may not work in future releases... I have not
really migrated to a systemd system yet...  so... this may be different
later :)

compton (and xfwm) should stop when your session stops (logout/ or a
restart of lightdm)... you can always check what is running via a task
manager/system monitor
I usually install htop so I can view tasks from a terminal as well...
but I like the terminal a lot :)  However if you have to accounts logged
in using different DE they should be running at the same time, but for
separate desktops and not interfere with each other.... I have not
really tested this out, so don't quote me on it :)


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