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Hi Marc,

On 26 February 2015 at 14:05, Marc Tremblay <mtremblay at> wrote:

> We have received 37 Toshiba NB 525 netbooks to convert to Lubuntu from
> windows 7.
Congratulations :)

 I am installing version 14.10 because we are unable to connect to our
> enterprise WPA2 WIFI network with version 14.4.1 LTS.
I've had that problem with a friend's Dell Latitude D610 and, last night, a
Samsung NC10.

Basically I got it working by sheer stubbornness (using synaptic,
nm-applet, NetworkManager).

I'll repeat the problem on VividVervet  and try to come up with a
repeatable solution.

BTW... how can I work out what protocol (WPA2 etc) my WiFi connection is



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