Lubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04.2 now available

Israel israeldahl at
Sat Feb 21 16:41:00 UTC 2015

There is an alternative method for installing on Low memory computers
This is OBI

I'd be glad to help, and I'm sure Nio, the developer, would be willing
to help as well.
It is much different method of installing (AFAIK ubiquity makes a chroot
and installs).
OBI has very low memory requirements.  The lowest I have personally
tested is 128MB, and it works fine from the live environment.  I think
OBI uses about 30-40MB MB RAM at its peak (during the actual copying). 
I was running ToriOS which runs in about 60-70MB RAM on average, so I
still had RAM to spare.

Anyhow, I'd also be interested in an alternative to ubiquity for
installing in the debian installer fashion.  A dialog, or FLTK version
would be much smaller.

On 02/20/2015 07:56 PM, Walter Lapchynski wrote:
> Oooh look a fancy press release by the Comms Team this time! Thanks silverlion!
> = Lubuntu Press-Department: Breaking news =
> == Lubuntu 14.04.2 available ==
> Lubuntu developers are proud to announce that – with a delay of two
> weeks – version 14.04.2 of the fast and lightweight operating system
> is now available for download via [this link][1].
> Release-Manager Walter Lapchynski explains: “We had to delay the
> release for two weeks because of problems with X meta-packages which
> caused us numerous re-spins. But we wanted to do it right in order to
> maintain stability of existing installations and – on the other hand -
> roll up accumulated stable updates into updated images to reduce
> download requirements for new deployments.”
> Jens Leineweber, Head of Lubuntu Press-Department, adds in: “And
> because we want our users to experience a stable environment even for
> computers with low resources, we decided to not release a .2 version
> of the alternate installation. That's due to the fact, that we were
> not able to fix all the bugs brought to our attention.”
> One major issue the team is fighting with is the debian-installer that
> causes troubles. Once again Walter Lapchynski: “We've been asked a lot
> lately to stop doing alternates in lieu of netboot, but that's not
> really a good solution.” The Lubuntu team will now team up with the
> Ubuntu Release-Team and Servers Team to develop a possible low
> resource version of the ubiquity installer.
> CAUTION: Before you install Lubuntu, we advice you to have a read of
> the [Release-Notes][2]!
> [1]:
> [2]:


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