Report Installer Bug

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Thu Dec 24 08:30:44 UTC 2015

Den 2015-12-24 kl. 07:13, skrev John Hunmoyu:
> Hello,
> I searched quite a while for an appropriate place to report a bug in the
> new Lubuntu 15.10 installer, but could not find anything. I read through
> all the common problems and so on but just found options to report
> software/program problems. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
> Thank you.
> fyi: If you want to set up encryption, the installer reports an unsafe
> swap partition which is created by the installer itself and which you
> need to unmount before being able to install Lubuntu. I overwrote my
> complete harddrive from a live distro with random data, compared
> checksums beforehand, and tried it several times so I assume the problem
> has its origin in the installer.
> Pardon me if I used the wrong approach and thanks for your help.
> Kind regards
> John
> Sent from ProtonMail <>, encrypted email based in
> Switzerland.

Hi John,

I think the problem is that the installer detects the zram. After I
swapoff (the zram), I can create an encrypted system.

Best regards

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