Brasero is just alright with me, too . . .

Basil Fernie basil at
Sun Dec 20 09:41:03 UTC 2015


Some people are just more risk-averse than others.  You like your  
Powermac, fine for you; you look for the option on the Brasero  
sort-of-menu that sort of promises what you want, and ignore all the  
others and their dimly-implied possibiities, go ahead. But I'm trying to  
concentrate the probably few remaining years of my life on choices with  
clearer implications. Had my fun mastering obscure packages and writing  
helps for newbies years ago, thank you, and enjoyed it. Wasted a lot of  
time. Not now.


PS Ok, how about this for a keep-it-simple Brasero menu:

           You gotta image to burn (.iso, directory, etc)?  OK! Bring it  
on, baby!
1. Burn Image to CD/DVD

           No? Need to make an image first? Oh, OK! Not really my scene,  
but if you insist:
2.   Audio project
3.   Video project
4.   Download from internet
5.   Create file with word-processor
6.   Download .jpg(s) from smartphone
17. Sing a happy song into the mike and capture it on Audacity

           Go back to 1 when you're ready for burning matters.

Frankly, I don't want my disk-burning software to have that whole second  
section. That's why, for simple, I appreciate xfburn now that I've used it  
a bit.

Somewhere in the days of Nero, the terminology became horribly divorced  
 from normal usage, and instead of "burn" implying an intense heat  
(laser-generated, normally, and frenetically melting tiny pits into  
specially made plastic media like CDs), it became identified with placidly  
collecting data into a (temporary?) ensemble on {magnetic} media prior to,  
what else can we decently call it but burning thermally onto non-magnetic  
(optical) media? These days with high retrieval speeds from HDU and SSDs,  
plus ample RAM buffering, this intermediate step is needed far less often.  
Surely we can officially require "burn" to mean "burn" now and take the  
lead-up preparation and assembly - if needed - of data for granted?

Looks like the Brasero-menu author may have thought so too. But who from  
the layout of the menu and the strange use of "project" would believe it?  
Too risky for me. Given the reassurance from Fritz, maybe I'll try burning  
a/1/one CD/DVD with Brasero; but invest time in building up a long-term  
stable relationship with it? No thanks, I've got a real project needing  
some Forth programming of Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi to spend my time on...  
that's less risky. Oops, in Forth you have to be careful with your words.  
One word, one function. No problem, I can handle it.

On Sun, 20 Dec 2015 04:57:17 +0200, Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at>  

>> or a Burn image
>> ("project" assumed). Gathering distant and unhappy recollections, I  
>> think
>> these could be better headed and grouped as
> Basil:
> Keep it simple . . . if you have an iso to burn, click on the "Burn  
> Image" button . . . . It will then, burn the image . . . .
> F

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