cdrdao extremely slow

Henk Terhell hterhell at
Sun Dec 20 09:08:42 UTC 2015

Op 2015-12-19 om 02:09 schreef Basil Fernie:
> Yes, I know what you mean about KDE. A few years back, I was trying to 
> settle on just one 'Buntu and scrapped KDE for that very reason. Chose 
> Lubuntu and had fun planting LXDE on various unlikely candidates 
> including Edubuntu. Stayed largely with Lubuntu since then, although 
> delving into !#, pure Debian, various Debian-based things (e.g. Mint) 
> and, BTW, using sundry Puppies quite a lot for system maintenance and 
> repair.  Fouled up my MBR, it seems, with a recent trial installation 
> of PCLinuxOS (no LiveCD available). Took too much time to recover, 
> backups included. Won't go there again.
> Found Lubuntu releases tend to be a bit rough around the edges in 
> their earlier versions and decided to have an "old faithful" 
> low-hassle working installation of LXLE 14.04 LTS while experimenting 
> with the newer and flashier releases on a few spare partitions I keep 
> available. For example, I have Lubuntu 15.10 and have used it with 
> much success, including running very much newer versions of Opera 
> (which I've used since OS/2 days) that have emerged recently, but not 
> transferring my core workload to it yet, which was wise because 
> something's gone wrong with the boot process of the 15.10 
> installation. Will have to strip and re-install, I guess.
> Kept an eye on new emerging distros and am enormously impressed with 
> 4MLinux, for very low resource consumption. Will have to spend a 
> morning getting HDU and USB bootables going. But what I think you may 
> find interesting is Q4OS, Debian-based but with a KDE3-forked user 
> interface called Trinity Desktop Environment. It is blisteringly fast 
> even though not RAM-based like the Puppies; and the general level of 
> QA is what I certainly had come to expect from the KDE camp. Yes, it 
> uses more RAM than Lubuntu in some scenarios, but not all that much - 
> and the results are impressive. Using  version 1.4.4 I found a few 
> "incompletenesses" rather than outright errors on the margins of 
> development, and am looking forward to the release of version 2.0.x. I 
> like the target desktop experience which is Win2K, still to my mind 
> the best OS that M$ put out; but you can click it across to LXDE if 
> desired.
> What I am looking for is a distro I can confidently install and 
> maintain on old skinny hardware owned by pensioners who want to avoid 
> the Win10 vortex but must escape from the XP bugtrap. Lubuntu ticks a 
> lot of boxes, but is rather "unfamiliar". Q4OS could be "it".
> I looked at Kmail but that was one ugly swamp-monster! (Well, not 
> actually ugly, but it was like installing a whole new OS. ) Any 
> comments on Evolution? Is it still being maintained?
> My comments on the disk-burners are in an e-mail to Fritz.
> Regards,
> Basil

The Trinity desktop didn't impress me much, especially the size and look 
of the icons,  but I found Q4OS (as almost pure Debian 8) a good base to 
test LXQt. Also LXDE and XFCE can be easily installed on Q4OS. In my 
opinion however Lubuntu is a more comfortable distro considering 
software resources, whereas I can't believe LXDE takes a long learning 
curve coming from XP.


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