No provision for printing pictures under Lubuntu 14.04?

John Hupp lubuntu at
Mon Apr 6 00:15:23 UTC 2015

Visiting family this weekend and looking at a couple problems, I 
discovered that under the default installation of Lubuntu 14.04 there 
seems to be no provision for printing pictures.

The image viewer has no Print option.  And when I instead opened a 
picture in mtPaint and then tried File: Action: Print Image, nothing 

I got mtPaint's File: Action: Print Image functionality working by 
following the 'How to Print' section of this Puppy Linux article:

I also found that I could print using Firefox, but I would have expected 
to be able to print a pic via the image viewer or the paint program.

It seems like more than a trivial omission to have no default picture 
printing provision.

[I had a similar realization recently regarding photo management.  I 
installed Shotwell to add that capability, but it seemed like there 
should have been a native provision.]

How do you handle these things?

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