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On 29/09/2014 18:17, Andee wrote:
> Just installed lubuntu and ran blueman-appt and I can't tell if it is working I can't find my phone. How can I double check or fix this?
I am assuming you are talking about lubuntu 14.04 and I don't currently have any 14.04 installations. I just did a quick test with a PC running 13.10 and these comments may be helpful.
First, when you run Bluetooth Manager, if the word Adapter is greyed out then you don't have bluetooth hardware or there is some sort of fault with either the hardware or the driver.
I assume also that I don't need to point out that both the phone and the PC should be set to "visible". Some time ago, round about ubuntu 11.10, I found that pairing was sometimes easier starting from the phone rather than the PC or vice versa. If the PC can't find the phone, maybe the phone can find the PC.
That's about the limit of my knowledge on the subject.
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