Fwd: Re: mkusb version 9.0 is uploaded to Phill's server and ppa:mkusb/unstable

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 19:41:15 UTC 2014

Hello fellow Lubuntu users,

Please try mkusb 9.0.4 and help me decide if it is mature enough to be
copied from the unstable PPA to the stable PPA :-)

If you are testing the Lubuntu iso file 'utopic-desktop-i386.iso' it
will be very convenient to use mkusb. It works well for all cases except
if you

- want persistence (use Unetbootin or the Startup Disk Creator)

- use the pendrive for storing data at the same time as you use it for
booting (maybe a bit risky)

Best regards

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Ämne: Re: mkusb version 9.0 is uploaded to Phill's server and
Datum: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 21:25:21 +0200
Från: Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund at gmail.com>
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Hello everybody,

I have made mkusb more user friendly, and I think that it is quite
convenient now to make USB pendrives. It is described at this link


This method works well for me, so I want to share it. mkusb copies /
flashes / clones the Lubuntu iso file


to a USB 3 pendrive in a USB 2 port in 21 seconds :-)

PPA would be the preferred method to install mkusb for Ubuntu, maybe for
Debian and Linux Mint and other Ubuntu and Debian based distros and
re-spins, but the method described at


works also for Knoppix, Mageia, Fedora and openSUSE. To make it
convenient, the installers (corresponding to apt-get) are called and pv,
xterm and zenity installed automatically. The scripts at phillw.net can
also uninstall mkusb; 'money back' if you are not satisfied ;-)


mkusb is tested (and tweaked to work) in

{Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu} {12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, 14.10}
         with PPAs for these versions (precise, trusty, utopic)
Debian Wheezy (and 9w)
Knoppix 7.4 (needed treatment with isohybrid)
Linux Mint
LXLE 12.04.3
LXLE 12.04.4 revisited 32-bits (needed treatment with isohybrid)
Mageia 4.1 Gnome Live and installed (needs a legacy desktop file)
ToriOS alpha

mkusb works with simpler display in 'legacy mode' (without colours and
other html features, where Zenity lacks the --html option) in

Fedora 20 - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1141802

openSUSE 13.1 - https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=896674

Use mkusb 7 alias mkusb-nox or mkusb 8 in distros, where zenity does not
work at all.

mkusb 9 is tested with the following iso files / distros, which can
(only) be installed

Kolibri (mkusb works but does not identify the distro)
Ubuntu mini 14.04


1. Please help me decide if mkusb version 9.04 is mature enough to be
copied to the stable PPA :-)

2. When are we ready to abandon mkusb version 8 (used in ToriOS now)?

Best regards

Den 2014-09-06 14:31, Nio Wiklund skrev:
> Hi,
> mkusb version 9.0 is uploaded to Phill's server and the unstable PPA.
> * Improvements *
> - File selection dialogue only via zenity (when graphical environment).
> - Cosmetic improvements: I try to make the colour scheme as consistent
> as possible given the limitations of zenity. The menu lists have no
> colour, only shades of grey. I use the icon colour in the final
> confirmation windows. The blue colour which is standard in dialog is
> abandoned. The read warning colour is still there, of course :-)
> - Extended help with a separate help menu. There is even a quick link to
> the wiki page. I call the default web browser with the normal user id to
> avoid browsing with superuser id (a security issue).
> -o-
> This version will be described at
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb
> and will be possible to download from
> http://phillw.net/isos/linux-tools/mkusb/
> but is also available from our PPA, that was set up by
> Jörn. He taught be how to use it one week ago.
> --------------------------------------------------
> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mkusb/ppa
> will install the stable version mkusb 8.5.4
> --------------------------------------------------
> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mkusb/unstable
> will install mkusb 9.0
> --------------------------------------------------
> This version takes a greater leap: separate versions for
> GUI mode: mkusb
> txt mode: mkusb-nox
> This avoids some complicated logic and makes the code smaller. I
> guess 95% of the users will prefer the GUI version, but the text version
> is good for servers and for users who do not want eye-candy.
> Please test either or both of
> mkusb version 9.0 and mkusb-nox
> Best regards
> Nio

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