QA testers . . . issues with, 14.10/.04etc.

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at
Wed Sep 17 14:58:28 UTC 2014

Nio, et al:

Taking the time to again say that there appeared to be some problem with
registering my PPC computers with the QA Tester matrix . . . I'm not sure
if my iBook made it on, and I'm pretty sure that my iMac did not, as there
was no "gist" for it (12.04) but "yorick" was offered by apt as the
replacement.  At last check there were no slots for PPC apple computers on
the matrix, just intel?

And, in terms of 14.10, I tested the alt install and the LiveDVD, and they
both failed to boot passed the Yaboot window . . . again on PPC, I filed a
bug report, there was the request for "apport" which I did . . . and,
report was upgraded to "medium" . . . and, then, emptiness . . . .  Well,
actually another gentleman reported experiencing the same issue on a G3.

Same more or less on fresh upgrade of iBook to 14.04 . . . filed a bug
report on "failure to wake from suspend" . . . sent the apport data, a
couple emails/comments added about upstream kernel testing, but no .debs
for PPC are offered . . . bug appears to be languishing--have not checked
recent upgrades for 14.04 iBook yet.

F/ e.e.p.

Hi Basil,
> You are very welcome as a tester :-) Use the following link
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