Lost my GUI in 14.10

Henk Terhell hterhell at chello.nl
Mon Sep 8 13:18:47 UTC 2014

Lubuntu 14.04 LTS currently works very well on my  old laptop as well as 
on my Acer Aspire T-180 386 desktop.

That is quite a distinct experience compared to the trouble on this Acer 
desktop with the 14.10 beta versions of both Lubuntu and Xubuntu.
I downloaded today the daily build of 7 september of Lubuntu 14.10 
(Utopic Unicorn). Tried to upgrade nvidia 304.123 driver (nouveau driver 
will crash) and now there is no way to get a GUI. I'm only arriving at 
the terminal and after login and command startx this ends up in a blank 


Basil Fernie schreef op 8-9-2014 om 12:11:
> ...or, Lost MY GUI in 14.04!
> Been watching this one with a sort of morbid interest, because my laptop
> is sitting with a failed upgrade from 12.04.? Symptoms include  a 
> frequent
> failure to display desktop on boot apart from taskbar across bottom of
> screen and conky in top right-hand corner (at least the Xserver is
> presumably working), I can select and run any application from the main
> Lubuntu menu, so am not totally immobilised, but try "Send to gesktop"?
> Nothing visible happens.
> Also lack of the volume control applet icon on the taskbar so I have no
> convenient means of muting sound. Certainly the sound is working, but
> there is no control on the desktop. Task Manager advises pulseaudio at 
> work, also reveals
> gvfs-afc-volume-monitor  and gvfs-ufd-volume-monitor  and 
> gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor  are active, whatever they may be I don't 
> know how to control them or even if I should be able to.
> And I have 817 uninstalled upgrades waiting for ...what? That number 
> has come down from over 830 after repeated apt-get update, apt-get 
> upgrade, apt-get autoremove sequences; it has stuck now stubbornly on 
> 817. Seems to be blocked by a purported lack af sane-devices (but I 
> can scan without difficulty from my HP DeskJet F4180...)
> Every now and then a "System Upgrade" advisory window opens - if I 
> click "Run" it frowns at me and says "This program cannot do an 
> upgrade from "Trusty" to "Precise". Which is understandable, but I was 
> rather hoping it wouls complete the upgrade from the older to the newer.
> Oh, and I have 2  instances of   nmapplet-manager  running after boot, 
> but this is a know and resolved issue.
> All this in the wake of an attempted click-and-lean-back, 
> watch-the-terminal-messages-scrolling-past automated upgrade from 
> 12.04.04 to 14.04.1 (I had decided to wait for the first point update 
> to be released, memories of Microsoft days, better safe than sorry 
> right?)
> Earlier, though, while still purportedly runnining on 12.04.?, and 
> religiously using "Update Manager" to stay, well, up-to-date, I wwould 
> be instructed to insert my 14.04 CD (DVD) as some needed files were on 
> it. So I did, the ISO DVD with which I had done live boots for 
> version-testing, and concluded that I would wait for 14.04.1 before 
> doing the system upgrade. Apparently UM couldn't penetrate the .iso 
> barrier (directory structure) to find the files it needed... Which 
> CD/DVD was it looking for, please advise? Surely this shouldn't be a 
> problem?
> So while I would be delighted to help test L14.10, I'm not too 
> sanguine about committing time to a version which it doesn't seem will 
> be clear of the problems I already face, but will have the added 
> problem, I hear, that  synaptiks won't be usable with it. Synaptiks is 
> the only reason I can type this e-mail on my laptop without going 
> crazy. This could be show-stopper stuff.
> Currently I'm transferring workload bit-by-bit to a parallel 
> installation of LXDE 14.04.1 which of course depends heavily on 
> Lubuntu. It's not perfect, of course, but seems to be clear of most of 
> the hassles encountered here - so far.
> Strength and fortitude and great appreciation to all,
> Basil Fernie
> On Sun, 07 Sep 2014 10:34:24 +0200, Henk Terhell <hterhell at chello.nl>
> wrote:
>> There are still several issues on both Lubuntu 14.10 and Xubuntu 
>> 14.10 on my device.
>> Main issues are:
>> Lubuntu 14.10:
>> - only after a terminal upgrade of nvidia driver 304 I get a GUI 
>> back.The automatic upgrade from the menu of the software updater gave 
>> me again the old version of 304.123 resulting in a blank screen.
>> - login is required after screen time-out, which cannot be switched 
>> off. The handling through Xfce Power Manager is confusing and doesn't 
>> function well (e.g. system sleep mode cannot be changed from 
>> suspend). Installing xscreensaver could help to control the handling 
>> of screen time-out, but such action is not needed in L14.04.
>> I will replace shortly my current L14.10 with a fresh daily build and 
>> see what happens, but I don't expect differences.
>> Xubuntu 14.10:
>> - only from terminal login and command startx I get a GUI with latest 
>> driver 304.123
>> - although the nvidia sound card is recognized with command inxi -AG, 
>> there is no output to the internal monitor speakers (in lubuntu 14.10 
>> there is no sound problem at all)
>> Henk
>> Israel schreef op 6-9-2014 om 20:25:
>>> Great Henk!
>>> So everything works for both L(X)ubuntu?
>>> This issue shouldn't be present then in the daily builds, is this 
>>> correct?
>>> You say there is a sound problem now?
>>> Is this for Lubuntu or Xubuntu?
>>> Maybe testing the daily image for Lubuntu will confirm that the
>>> startx/nvidia issue is fixed.
>>> On 09/06/2014 03:19 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>>>> I just read about an upgrade fix that was issued for nvidia 304.123
>>>> (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1365336 at
>>>> #45; there is an explanation at #32)
>>>> Xubuntu 14.10 still needs startx to boot the desktop after an upgrade
>>>> to this driver was received.
>>>> Very strange there is still a sound problem in this distro.
>>>> In Lubuntu 14.10 I did therefore also an upgrade sudo upgrade
>>>> nvidia-304  and got the desktop back!
>>>> Henk
>>>> Israel schreef op 5-9-2014 om 22:33:
>>>>> Hi Henk,
>>>>> So, if I understand you
>>>>> Lubuntu cannot enter the Destkop, because it cannot start the 
>>>>> xserver.
>>>>> Xubuntu fails to start the Xserver, but can start it from terminal.
>>>>> Is this correct?  The issue may still be the display manager since
>>>>> Xubuntu does not start X automatically.  However there is a 
>>>>> possibility
>>>>> that Xorg in Utopic has changes that make supporting your card
>>>>> difficult.  I wonder if there are any xorg or xserver updates 
>>>>> since you
>>>>> downloaded Lubuntu.  I think someone with more understanding of the
>>>>> entire display process of Linux needs to jump in here...
>>>>> But...  keep an eye on the updates, and see what packages come in an
>>>>> either fix or break the machine.  I may set up a VM to test this, 
>>>>> but I
>>>>> have some other stuff going on right now that is taking up a lot of
>>>>> time :)
>>>>> On 09/05/2014 02:46 PM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>>>>>> Strange enough Xubuntu 14.10 on the same PC doesn't start in GUI but
>>>>>> hangs after every boot at the terminal. After login and StartX the
>>>>>> desktop appears.
>>>>>> Both nouveau and NVDIA 304.123 video drivers do work well in Xubuntu
>>>>>> 14.10 without any screen freezes so far . So there is difference 
>>>>>> with
>>>>>> Lubuntu 14.10.
>>>>>> In Lubuntu 14.10, sound handling is much improved and worked for me
>>>>>> out-of-the-box.
>>>>>> In Xubuntu 14.10 I haven't yet figured out how to get sound as
>>>>>> Pulseaudio cannot find there my built-in monitor speakers.
>>>>>> Henk
>>>>>> Henk Terhell schreef op 5-9-2014 om 17:12:
>>>>>>> Thanks Israel
>>>>>>> I had filed a bug report #1363919 in the nvidia drivers section 
>>>>>>> some
>>>>>>> days ago as I couldn't find a related report.
>>>>>>> The screen dump of startx is different as before. It now only 
>>>>>>> shows a
>>>>>>> non-fatal error about XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (Type 
>>>>>>> "ONE_Level" has
>>>>>>> 1 levels but <RALT> has 2 symbols).
>>>>>>> A good idea to install Xubuntu 14.10 alongside. I'll let you know.
>>>>>>> Henk
>>>>>>> Israel schreef op 5-9-2014 om 16:24:
>>>>>>>> Hi Henk,
>>>>>>>> My guess is that this is something to do with lightdm still, since
>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>> just got an upgrade for it.
>>>>>>>> That would be the place to start looking.  You could search
>>>>>>>> Launchpad to
>>>>>>>> see if there is a bug related to this issue.  If you cannot 
>>>>>>>> find any,
>>>>>>>> I'd suggest opening a bug for it.  It may effect users of 
>>>>>>>> different
>>>>>>>> desktop environments as well, and then we can know that it is 
>>>>>>>> not a
>>>>>>>> Lubuntu specific issue.  If it is specific to Lubuntu then it 
>>>>>>>> may be
>>>>>>>> related to the Lubuntu session file.... (sorry I can't remember
>>>>>>>> what it
>>>>>>>> is called at the moment).  This is the Lubuntu specific 'startx'
>>>>>>>> command.
>>>>>>>> I am guessing you still cannot 'startx' and get X up.
>>>>>>>> You could also try downgrading lightdm, I suppose, but that can be
>>>>>>>> rather messy when you do things like that...
>>>>>>>> Another option would be to install something like Xubuntu in a
>>>>>>>> secondary
>>>>>>>> partition and see if you are effected with the same issue when you
>>>>>>>> update.
>>>>>>>> Hope this is fully fixed before release!
>>>>>>>> On 09/05/2014 08:34 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hi Israel
>>>>>>>>> If I recall correctly I got two times upgrades of 14.10 in 
>>>>>>>>> last two
>>>>>>>>> days, 3 sept. and today.
>>>>>>>>> Lost my desktop again with the first one.
>>>>>>>>> The output of your command is below:
>>>>>>>>> Henk
>>>>>>>>> libdvdnav4:i386
>>>>>>>>> simple-scan:i386
>>>>>>>>> python3-gi:i386
>>>>>>>>> linux-headers-generic:i386
>>>>>>>>> linux-image-generic:i386
>>>>>>>>> linux-libc-dev:i386
>>>>>>>>> python-gi:i386
>>>>>>>>> python-gobject:all
>>>>>>>>> python3-update-manager:all
>>>>>>>>> update-manager-core:all
>>>>>>>>> update-manager:all
>>>>>>>>> libldap-2.4-2:i386
>>>>>>>>> chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra:i386
>>>>>>>>> lshw:i386
>>>>>>>>> usb-creator-gtk:i386
>>>>>>>>> usb-creator-common:i386
>>>>>>>>> lightdm:i386
>>>>>>>>> liblightdm-gobject-1-0:i386
>>>>>>>>> language-pack-en:all
>>>>>>>>> language-pack-gnome-en:all
>>>>>>>>> iproute2:i386
>>>>>>>>> libmpdec2:i386
>>>>>>>>> libhunspell-1.3-0:i386
>>>>>>>>> libstartup-notification0:i386
>>>>>>>>> python3-problem-report:all
>>>>>>>>> python3-apport:all
>>>>>>>>> apport:all
>>>>>>>>> apport-gtk:all
>>>>>>>>> libfm-extra4:i386
>>>>>>>>> libfm-gtk-data:all
>>>>>>>>> libfm-data:all
>>>>>>>>> libfm-gtk4:i386
>>>>>>>>> libfm4:i386
>>>>>>>>> libfm-modules:i386
>>>>>>>>> upstart:i386
>>>>>>>>> upstart-bin:i386
>>>>>>>>> systemd-shim:i386
>>>>>>>>> binutils:i386
>>>>>>>>> cpp:i386
>>>>>>>>> gcc:i386
>>>>>>>>> g++:i386
>>>>>>>>> pcmanfm:i386
>>>>>>>>> lxshortcut:i386
>>>>>>>>> libitm1:i386
>>>>>>>>> libgomp1:i386
>>>>>>>>> gcc-4.9-base:i386
>>>>>>>>> libstdc++6:i386
>>>>>>>>> libasan1:i386
>>>>>>>>> libubsan0:i386
>>>>>>>>> libcilkrts5:i386
>>>>>>>>> libatomic1:i386
>>>>>>>>> libquadmath0:i386
>>>>>>>>> libgcc-4.9-dev:i386
>>>>>>>>> cpp-4.9:i386
>>>>>>>>> gcc-4.9:i386
>>>>>>>>> g++-4.9:i386
>>>>>>>>> libstdc++-4.9-dev:i386
>>>>>>>>> libgcc1:i386
>>>>>>>>> libpulse0:i386
>>>>>>>>> libpulse-mainloop-glib0:i386
>>>>>>>>> linux-libc-dev:i386
>>>>>>>>> Israel schreef op 5-9-2014 om 15:00:
>>>>>>>>>> Hi Henk,
>>>>>>>>>> What packages were upgraded on your system?
>>>>>>>>>> Something like this command:
>>>>>>>>>> awk '$3~/^upgrade$/ {print $4;}' /var/log/dpkg.log
>>>>>>>>>> can get that info.
>>>>>>>>>> On 09/05/2014 03:52 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> The GUI has gone again after upgrades this week ...
>>>>>>>>>>> Henk
>>>>>>>>>>> Henk Terhell schreef op 2-9-2014 om 00:28:
>>>>>>>>>>>> The upgrade received today on Lubuntu 14.10 has fully resolved
>>>>>>>>>>>> this
>>>>>>>>>>>> problem.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Nvida-304.123 works OK now.
>>>>>>>>>>>> My thanks to the dev team.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Henk
>>>>>>>>>>>> Henk Terhell schreef op 1-9-2014 om 00:26:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> After purging driver NVIDIA-304 I got my desktop back with 
>>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>>> default nouveau driver.  However opening Firefox rapidly
>>>>>>>>>>>>> caused a
>>>>>>>>>>>>> screen freeze.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> The older NVIDIA-173 did the same after installing and
>>>>>>>>>>>>> rebooting. I
>>>>>>>>>>>>> therefore switched back to NVIDIA-304.123 from the list and
>>>>>>>>>>>>> again no
>>>>>>>>>>>>> GUI...
>>>>>>>>>>>>> So now I know (a) the absence of GUI was caused by the driver
>>>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>>>> (b) none of the recommended video drivers for Lubuntu 14.10
>>>>>>>>>>>>> beta can
>>>>>>>>>>>>> be used on this Geforce 6100 card.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> For Lubuntu 14.04 (and 14.10 alpha) the recommended
>>>>>>>>>>>>> NVIDIA-304.117
>>>>>>>>>>>>> does not cause any problems.

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