[Off-Topic] ToriOS Alpha is here!

farinet at arcor.de farinet at arcor.de
Mon Sep 1 13:33:42 UTC 2014

Ali Linx schrieb:
> Currently, we only have 32-bit.
> As with most of FOSS Projects, the lack of manpower is the main reason
> why this is not a full option project :) nothing is prefect and we have
> had defeated lots of challenges. Our developers got busy with real life
> and Israel had to take the burden of learning development and help.
> So, you see, having a PPC image at the moment is kind of an overkill.
> But who knows? maybe in the future if we get more help from other
> people, we might go for it as Israel himself has - AFAIK - a PPC :)

I've a powerbook for which i stripped down a lubuntu installation to
something similar to crunchbang, an openbox+tint2 DE - and to stick with
kernel 3.2 which still offers sound support for ppc (any newer kernel
IME does not). But i also played around with jwm (with the gentle help
of israel).

Now, if the dependencies of ToriOS are not so "heavvy" (are they?) may
be one could try to "copy" the 32-bit installation toward a ppc hardware (?)

Thanks in any case!

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