[Lubuntu-qa] Roadmap proposal for Lubuntu 15.04

Jörn Schönyan joern.schoenyan at web.de
Tue Oct 28 16:54:54 UTC 2014

Hi everyone, replies inline.

Am Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2014 17:38:56 CEST schrieb Aere Greenway:
> There is a new Ubuntu variant, called "ubuntuMATE", which has a 
> desktop based on Gnome 2.
> In reading about it, I got the impression (which may not be 
> correct) that they are maintaining Gnome 2 (and its libraries).
No, they are switching to GTK3. At the moment the MATE desktop has the 
version number 1.8 (1.9 = dev). 1.10 will have experimental GTK3 support, 
but it's not recommended for distributions to compile with GTK3. I guess 
that will be the case with 1.12.
> If that is actually the case, then gtk2 may be available for 
> the foreseeable future.
With the switch to GTK3, even the MATE team will likely lose interest for 
the GTK2 libs.

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