Roadmap proposal for Lubuntu 15.04

Rafael Laguna rafaellaguna at
Tue Oct 28 16:56:22 UTC 2014

Hi, Aere:​

> There is a new Ubuntu variant, called "ubuntuMATE", which has a desktop
> based on Gnome 2.
> In reading about it, I got the impression (which may not be correct) that
> they are maintaining Gnome 2 (and its libraries).
> If that is actually the case, then gtk2 may be available for the
> foreseeable future.

Aere, MATE is forking everything to GTK3. It's not the old Gnome desktop,
it's a new environment porting previous Gnome version to use GTK3 apps and
libs. The process is not finished yet, so you may find both GTK2 and GTK3
libs working.

> I have experimented with ubuntuMATE.  It is reliable (in the areas I
> test), and I like it.  You can put applets in the panel (as before), and
> you can customize the colors as well.  It runs well (though not as well as
> Lubuntu) on older, slower machines.

About the applets, you have only available those ported by the MATE team.
You cannot use Gnome standard applets.

> It is (to me) the new release of Ubuntu I was looking forward to, when
> they unexpectedly substituted the Unity desktop.
> I haven't tried to install it yet on a machine with only 512 meg of RAM.
> I suspect it would fail, seeing how much swap space it used during an
> install.

​And yes, it's lightweight. More than I expected. It's memory footprint may
be lighter than XFCE once the whole desktop loaded. But I insist, it's not
Gnome, nothing to do. But it's beautiful :)
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