[Lubuntu-qa] Roadmap proposal for Lubuntu 15.04

Walter Lapchynski wxl at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 28 15:35:31 UTC 2014

> I would like to recreate the
> blueprints we had some releases ago to organize the work for this
> cycle. You can find them under
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-v-flavor-lubuntu

Where's the whole app discussion?

> On the Gtk side, many components have been updated recently, and work
> continue on the panel. Also, small features are added. However, we
> still depends on gtk2, we don't know how long it will be supported.

Have we tried asking the maintainers?

> If several people
> are interesting, we can have 1 or several meetings, on IRC or using
> the UOS support to discuss all of this.

Yes please! Just say when!

Thanks for all your hard work, boss ;)

Lubuntu Release Manager, Head of QA
Ubuntu PPC Point of Contact
Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team Leader

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