OT: PPC 14.04 with the desktop freeze/radeon driver

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 14:57:29 UTC 2014


After finding that booting the 14.10 livedvd with the radeon.agpmode boot
parameters got me into a working GUI, I went for an install of the LTS a
couple days ago on my iBook . . . seemed to take a fairly long time, but
more or less went OK.

I had 14.04 installed before using radeonfb and I needed an xorg.conf file
to get it to be useable, but it was glitchy . . . using AGP mode the GUI is
clear, but we've regressed to the GUI "freezing" . . . except for
mouse/cursor which is moveable . . . but clicking does nothing . . . same
bug that Lars N filed and I reported finding with 14.10?

Other than adding this to the bug report, anything to try out?  Seems like
if I open the FF browser the problem happens faster than if I open some
other window.  Should I go for the xorg.conf file?  In 12.04 on this unit I
did not need one, I'm trying to avoid it; in 14.04 I grabbed one from
mac.linux.be site and it did make it somewhat better--although window
dragging was very erratic.  Now, window dragging is smoother . . . except
for the "freezing" . . . .  This is obviously part of the "radeon
affair"???  Question is any "fixes" for it to try out?

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