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Sat Oct 4 15:58:04 UTC 2014

Well, I just completed a Disk Cleanup and that removed over 1 Gb of files.
Tjen I reran the Shrink Volume process. This time it allowed C to shrink
down to 113 Gb. Hallelujah,  I'm almost there! I'm going to another
defrag/clean up, then try again. If nothing gives this time, I'll probably
just leave it as is. This leaves me with over 300 Gb for Linux. I like
installing 2 or 3 different distributions, just for fun.
On Oct 3, 2014 10:30 AM, J. Van Brimmer <jerry.vb at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have just acquired a "new" refurbished Lenovo X140e netbook. tI has
> Windows 7 Pro on it. The first thing I did after booting it up was to go
> into Partition Management to shrink the C partition to make room for
> Lubuntu. I was shocked to discover that the partition manager would only
> shrink C by 50%. So, I went ahead and did that.
> Then, I booted up a live CD of Gparted. Gparted says I can shrink C way
> down a lot more. I don't remember how far it was, but it was way down, less
> than 100 GB.
> Can I safely follow Gparted's recommendation and not impact Winbroke? I am
> not too terribly worried about it though. I am going to create a restore
> image DVD, but I just thought I'd ask to see if anyone has any experience
> on this before I get started.
> Thanks,
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> ->Jerry<-
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