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Sat Oct 4 14:34:57 UTC 2014

Sadly, Clonezilla does not yet support burning directly to (or restoring 
from) multiple DVD's. You seem to be well aware of that in the backup 
part of your plan.  As I recall, to restore you would have to copy all 
those images from the DVD's to a single collection on a hard drive, 
network share or flash drive, then aim Clonezilla at that collection 
during the restore.

On 10/4/2014 10:10 AM, "J. Van Brimmer" wrote:
> Yeah,  I figured as much. I am looking into using clonezilla to create 
> compressed images, then burning those to DVDs.
> I really appreciate everyone who has responded. I have read all of 
> your replies, and am cosidering all of your inputs.
> At this point I have, like I said before,  shrunk C down to 226Gb, but 
> I think it'll go down a lot more. I would rather let W*dows shrink 
> itself rather than just smacking it down with Gparted. But, all 
> options are still open.
> Well, here goes ...
> On Oct 4, 2014 6:50 AM, "John Hupp" <lubuntu at 
> <mailto:lubuntu at>> wrote:
>     I regard the Windows imaging tool as broken for the purpose of
>     burning to DVD.  I think it worked in early versions of Windows 7,
>     but then they broke it in a later version.  By the time they
>     included the Win 7 tool in Win 8 (!!), DVD support was clearly
>     broken, or I forget, not even presented as an option.
>     But it should work fine if you save the image to a hard drive, a
>     network share, or a *large* USB flash drive.
>     Or use something other than the native Windows tool if you want to
>     burn to DVD's.
>     On 10/4/2014 12:24 AM, "J. Van Brimmer" wrote:
>>     That's what I intend to do once I get the DVDs created. I was
>>     having trouble with the Windows backup tool writing to my
>>     external ASUS DVD-RW USB drive. It seemed to write data to disc
>>     1, and then it would tell me to insert another disc larger than
>>     1GB as Disc 1 again. I'll have to retry that tomorrow. Not sure
>>     what's going on there. I was using 4.7GB DVD-R discs. I just
>>     can't express how much I dislike *dows. There were no messages
>>     that Disc 1 was complete, or anything similar.

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