New Lenovo Netbook

John Hupp lubuntu at
Fri Oct 3 19:20:10 UTC 2014

On 10/3/2014 2:32 PM, "J. Van Brimmer" wrote:
> Thanks for your notes, John, very interesting. What I am primarily
> curious about is that the Windows partitioner will only shrink C to
> about 50% of it's original size, Gparted says I can shrink it down a
> lot more. I was just wondering, if I did that with Gparted, will that
> clobber Windows.

I don't remember if I ran Gparted (to see what it would report) when the 
Windows tool balked, so I'm not able to respond directly to the question.

> On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 11:23 AM, John Hupp <lubuntu at> wrote:
>> On 10/3/2014 1:30 PM, "J. Van Brimmer" wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have just acquired a "new" refurbished Lenovo X140e netbook. tI has
>> Windows 7 Pro on it. The first thing I did after booting it up was to go
>> into Partition Management to shrink the C partition to make room for
>> Lubuntu. I was shocked to discover that the partition manager would only
>> shrink C by 50%. So, I went ahead and did that.
>> Then, I booted up a live CD of Gparted. Gparted says I can shrink C way down
>> a lot more. I don't remember how far it was, but it was way down, less than
>> 100 GB.
>> Can I safely follow Gparted's recommendation and not impact Winbroke? I am
>> not too terribly worried about it though. I am going to create a restore
>> image DVD, but I just thought I'd ask to see if anyone has any experience on
>> this before I get started.
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> ->Jerry<-
>> I set up dual-boot on a Lenovo 3000 C200 laptop running Vista.  My notes:
>> Rescue and Recovery hidden system folder C:\RRbackups is unmovable by any
>> defrag program I tried and keeps me from further shrinking the Windows
>> partition more than an initial 30 GB.
>> Lenovo forum notes that the folder and/or its contents may be reliably
>> removed under any Live CD.
>> Current RRbackups folder size: 14.0 GB (probably holds a system image I did
>> at some point).  Delete folder under Lubuntu Live.
>> This triggered Installing device driver software at next Vista boot.  No
>> Unknown Devices when done.
>> There was still an unmovable $UsnJrnl file near the end of the partition.
>>  From an elevated command prompt, I deleted it with:
>>      fsutil usn deletejournal /n c:
>> It will eventually be recreated.
>> I shrank the Windows partition to 53GB, leaving 25GB free there, and 53GB
>> for Lubuntu.
>> [I don't have explicit notes about what partition tool I was using at each
>> shrink.  I may have started with the Windows tool and finished with
>> Gparted.]

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