Overcoming the 4Gib limit

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>4. They've overcome the 4GB iso limit! I've created several isos larger than 4GB that are both live and successfully install a working system too.
>Eric Bradshaw

Eric, I've been following this discussion with interest.  Although I'm 
actually using Ubuntu and not Lubuntu.  I've been looking (on and off) for 
something that would do what the old remastersys (or was sysremaster?) used 
to do.  I found Systemback from a link in the discussion on the Lubuntu 
I'm running 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 and for the life of me cannot figure out 
how to get an .iso file larger than 4GB.  I end up with a tar file called 

I was able to put the .sblive file on a pen drive and boot from the pen 
drive, but did not see any way to install Ubuntu from the Live Pen drive.

On my system the convert to ISO option is grayed out.  How are you going 
from tar.sblive to .iso?

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Ubuntu should work fine for this. The lack of clear (or most any) documentation is likely the culprit. I also find screenshots help a great deal. The .sblive file Systemback creates should make the "Convert to ISO" button available as soon as it (the .sblive file) is selected on the left pane. Now, it may be the button is grayed-out the first time around and you have to quit and open Systemback again. I did this the first time anyway because I didn't even know what a .sblive file was and was frantically searching online. When I opened Systemback and selected the .sblive file I'd already created on the left pane of the program, I noticed the "Convert to ISO" button was available to be pressed. I had never even noticed the button at all the first time around.

Eric Bradshaw


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